I was already kicked of when everything was still going "well".

Born in 1978 in the former GDR (East Germany) far behind the iron curtain.

At that time I got in trouble couse I didn't want to wear the pioneer cloth.

Later in the Federal Republic of Germany, I didn't want to join the army. I was shocked how quickly you can become an enemy of the state. But I gave a shit about it. Was chased by the military police,

and had even left the country for a while.

Music & Art

It all started in the early 90s. Bought my first keyboard, I still remember very well, had to clean a lot of cars to get the money for.

A few years later we started performing our music, (mostly illegal parties).

We called our act "DESPAIRED RECORDS" and made electronic music.

I mainly write the music I compose for myself. It helps me to reflect and to grasp the world that surrounds me emotionally. So primarily NOT FOR YOU.

It's not about pleasing people. It's more about describing the world.

2020 Robert Clip