Robert Klammer

studied economics and naturopathy

The Observer


Conformity is the virtue of fools, I once wrote.

The observer, as an observer of worldliness, so to speak, is always part of a society for a purpose. Dive into the world of others in a limited time frame.



1996- 2002 Despaired Records

Elektronischer Live-Act

zusammen mit Steve Tack etwa 80 Konzerte.


2004- 2005 Musexcellent

Gastmusiker bei der Hamburger Band Musexcellent


2008 DRUMBAR Virtuelles Musikprojekt in Zusammenarbeit

mit Theo Jörgensmann (Drum and Base meets Free Jazz)


Seit 2009 SOUND REPRODUCTION Interdisziplinäres Musikprojekt


2014 Kultur im Gespräch: Kultur im Gespräch - Nr.: 7 – mit

Hans Scheibner Für Martin Müllers gleichnamige

Filmreihe. Kamera: Robert Klammer


2015 DER MOMENT Interdisziplinäres Kunstprojekt

Adam und Eva und Menschenhuhn alsPerformance in Zusammenarbeit mit Yvonne Middelborg

Filmische Installation ( ELEVEN) Robert Klammer


2015 DER FRIEDENSWAL ( experimenteller Dokumentarfilm ca: 45mim ) in Zusammenarbeit mit:Golden House Records und Audioparkstudio Berlin nach einer

Idee von Regina Schulte am Hülse.


2016 WASSER on BOARD (Kurzfilm ca: 15 min)in Zusammenarbeit mit

Angela Preuzs und Birgit Jepsen.



2016 Mr. & Ms. Everybody Performance und Filmprojekt

in Zusammenarbeit mit Yvonne Middelborg





Born in 1978 in the former GDR, in the East


somewhere ... behind the iron curtain.



What one can call my work in the broadest sense, if one so will, is the formative in the manner of designing.

The applied media are different. The expression finds its form informal and without denomination. A photograph or a melody, the chronicler he loves the word or the testimony of the film.

Creative dealing with the world that surrounds us, as a necessity not to lose the humor,

and, in the same way, a serious examination of those fractalities that can be found everywhere in the context of contemporary history.

Robert Klammer




Born in 1978 in the former GDR, in the East


somewhere ... behind the iron curtain.


A little boy


When I look back to the days of my childhood, it was the original desire to become a naturalist.

I may even be a bit today.

Everything had to be questioned and examined. Why are things like, why should one do or leave this or that?

It was probably in third grade when I tried to explain to the class teacher that I really do not care about wearing the pioneer shirt.

It does not make me anything else.

In fact, I just forgot that it was the day everyone was wearing their shirts and of course not forgetting the scarf.


The military


The next opportunity, where I should wear a uniform, was a little later and on the other side of the iron curtain.

Yes, the military, there had even been several times considered to want to give me some order.

An attempt that was doomed to failure from the outset.

Did you understand the command? !!!

No I do not have, if you want something from me, then you can ask.

Well, in the end, it was Marineadmiral East himself who sent me home for the rest of my service.


Robert Clip


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